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February 26, 2010 by Bryan McDonald · 3 Comments · General

I was looking at my blog stats today and realized that my last post was the 100th post.  I had fully intended to make a big “to do” about the milestone rather than posting a lame reminder about a project.  So, here’s to 101!

Here are the links to my top 5 6 favorite blog posts:


Welcome Post.  Blogging, for me started when I was in college with Xanga (Blocked at school, kids).  It was a place where I recorded my thoughts on things.  I got the idea of starting a classroom blog in 2004, but I was never really committed to it.  Math Error, is the result of many hours of planning, and thought over the past three years.  I am very proud of what it has become.  One day, I hope to take it to the Principal’s office. 


Reflections on Election Day.  Despite your political beliefs, the 2009 election was a historic one for three reasons: the first African-American was elected to office and record voter turnouts, and for the first time ever, social media played a big part in both informing people and getting people out to vote.


Chicago Trip. I will remember the summer of 2008 for one reason and one reason only: I was blessed to drive a 15 passenger van full of Gifted students to Chicago for a trip.  It was truly an experience of a lifetime!


Educational Poverty.  Read the post, it speaks for itself!  The comments are great too!  I think that this was my first post that generated international commenters!


Using RSS to Make Your Life Easier.  Google Calendar has truly made my life easier.  From posting assignments to the blog to keep students and parents informed to syncing the calendars on my family’s iPhones, it has kept me more organized than ever before!


Am I Proud? You Bet I Am. I would not be the person I am today without the influence of my family.  My parents taught me many things growing up, so much that if I began making a list, it could go on for quite some time.  At the top of that list would be the lesson to never give up!  That lesson has effected my life in more ways than anyone could imagine.  It all began one spring in Little League, I had a coach who was less than desirable.  He smoked and cursed.  Picture Billy Bob Thornton on the Bad News Bears…yup, that’s him, minus the drinking (but who knows, he might have done that too, I was young, remember).  I wanted, so bad, to quit the team.  My dad would NOT let me quit.  That lesson has stuck with me in every aspect of my life.  I am grateful to him and my mother to sticking to their guns.

So much for the stroll down memory lane.

-Here’s to 100 more!

I would like to thank Sue Waters, the EduBlogger, and EduBlogs for the inspiration and platform to begin classroom blogging.

Also, Wes Fryer, Scott McLeod, and Will Richardson, three edublog pioneers, have been HUGE inspirations in this journey.

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  • Sue Waters

    WOW, 100 posts! Congratulations! Although I notice you have forgotten the rule about chocolate cake as part of the celebration!

    Absolutely no problem re-help — I’m always happy to know my help has actually be beneficial.

  • Scott McLeod

    Thanks for the kindness in including me on your list of inspirational bloggers. Much appreciated. Here’s to many hundreds more posts!

  • Kaleb from 5th Period

    Congrats! This blog has been an excellent learning resource for me and I know more students. Keep the blog going!


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